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Experienced UX and Web designers, crafting innovative digital solutions for clients worldwide

A team of specialists, passionate about new technologies & progress

We are Green Taurus Technology from Gujarat, India. aim to make a difference through Our creative solution.

It’s always about Curiosity that, who are the Owners, who are the developers or can say who handles the whole organizations, it’s obvious to know about whom we deal for the software development, website development or can say any kind of Digital products.

We are not belongs from Bill gates family, Warren buffet family, but we have the Passion, Dedications, Imaginations, Creativity and diligence which fulfill us to reach that goal, to deliver quality and bug free products.

At “Green Taurus Technology”, we all came to work every day because we want to solve the problems and to develop new products from the Mobile applications, Website development, Game development, Web application. With the creativity and use of software technology we want to push the design, user experience to the next level. The most inspirational lines or can say the lines which creates positive energy inside us are….

“Two Individuals with a passion for creativity – Creativity makes us Happy.“

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Vishal Solanki

Co-Founder, Web Expert and Marketing Head


Urnish Makwana

Co-Founder, Android Expert


Shahzad Ali


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Testing & evaluation

Outsourcing of the software testing allows companies to focus on their main functions and driving innovation. At the same time, the testing service providers work effectively & efficiently, ensuring better product quality and a positive business outcome. Outsourcing the services to a dedicated, experienced & specialized outsourced quality assurance personnel allows for best results.

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